Bao Bab Tumbler


It doesn’t matter if you prefer cold or hot drinks, we invite you to smile everytime you take a sip from your bao bab tumbler, because every time you do it, you are contributing to reducing the waste on the planet

  • Tumbler Bao Bab Collection
  • Wood design and finish
  • 600ml
  • Stainless Steel 18/8
  • New lid design with easy opening, and an extra opening for the Straw, to make it even more comfortable.
  • That´s why we recommend not putting it inside your bag when full of liquid.
  • Keeps the cold temperatures 12h and the warm ones 6h
  • BPA free

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12h cold
6h warm
Ready for winter and summer

Easy Lid

Double opening, one for mouth and extra opening for the straw.


The inside liquid does not perspire to the exterior

 BPA free

Completely free of BPA, so drink without any regret!

Hight Quality

Manufactured with stainless steel 18/8, suitable for food


Avoid falls with a slip proof texture

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